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FREE online courseContent Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge

Learn about SEO and content marketing that will drive your SEO campaign with digital marketing and SEO expert Eric Enge.

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Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Course Contents

  • Lesson 1. Content Marketing Plan

    You will be introduced to the concept of content marketing and the importance of creating a content marketing plan. You'll learn how great content can be used to attract attention and generate awareness of your organization, business and/or products. You'll also learn why having a content marketing strategy and quality content can drive your SEO.

  • Lesson 2. Guest Posts

    Learn about guest blog posts and whether they're still useful as part of your SEO campaign and content marketing strategy. You'll learn how to avoid penalties from search engines, and about good practices in order to optimize content such as blog posts.

  • Lesson 3. Collaborating with Marketing and PR

    In this lesson, Eric will explain the role and benefits of collaborating with PR and marketing in order to optimize content and get it seen. You'll learn how to engage with public relations activities and how the media can help your overall SEO campaign. You'll also learn why it's important to collaborate early on and make sure your content marketing plan aligns with key media and PR outlets.

  • Lesson 4. Content Syndication

    You'll learn what content syndication is, what it has to do with link building, and why it could be of benefit to your content marketing strategy. Eric will also explain the potential risks involved and how to avoid these pitfalls by producing relevant content and controlling where it's published.

  • Lesson 5. Interviews

    Learn about why creating content around interviews might be of benefit to your SEO campaign. You'll also learn about the different interview formats, how to optimize content from interviews, as well as some tips on how to set up and find people to interview.

  • Lesson 6. Types of Content

    In this lesson, Eric will guide you through the many different types of digital content including: articles, video, interviews, white papers, quizzes and surveys, infographics and more. You'll also learn why creating content that encompasses a variety of different formats can help your search engine optimization goals.

  • Lesson 7. Content-Based Link Building

    You'll learn what content has to do with link building, and why quality content can be useful for improving your link building activities. You'll also learn why people prefer to link to relevant content, and how to optimize content so that it appeals and is useful to a wider audience. Finally, you'll learn why taking an in-depth approach to your content can increase your inbound linking and pay dividends on your SEO.

  • Lesson 8. Creating Great Content

    In the final lesson, Eric will provide guidance on what makes quality content, why having relevant content is important, and how EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust) should always be at the forefront of any content marketing plan. You'll also learn why you need to be monitoring and evaluating your content, and how to use feedback to improve.

See what’s inside

8 lessons

Exclusive video lessons with industry-leading SEO consultant Eric Enge

1 hour

Learn how to implement an SEO-effective content marketing strategy in just 1 hour

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The course is 100% free.

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily aimed at digital marketers, individuals with responsibility for their content marketing strategy, as well as anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of content marketing and how to create quality content that will deliver results as part of a wider SEO campaign.

About the author

Eric Enge is an SEO consultant, entrepreneur, and public speaker who participates in dozens of conferences every year. A CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and author of “The Art of SEO”, Eric is a prolific contributor to Forbes, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Engine Watch and other top industry media.

During his 20-year journey as a digital marketer, Eric has experienced operating and expanding an agency, hiring employees, communicating the value of SEO to potential clients, and investing in thought leadership.

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Get certified by Semrush

After you've completed the course, you can take the Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals exam and earn a personalized certificate.

If you feel that you have enough experience and knowledge about content marketing (for example, because you're a digital marketer), you can jump straight to taking the exam. Once you pass, you'll earn a certificate to showcase your expertise in this area. Feel free to share your expertise on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

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