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Analytics Reports and Projects

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Analytics Reports and Projects


In this lesson, we'll continue diving into SEMrush and learn what types of data presentation are available at SEMrush. In our suite, there are two ways of gathering data:

  • analytics reports,
  • and project tools.

All of the analytics reports can be found under the Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics tabs on the left-hand menu. Alternatively, you can just select the desired report in the dropdown list to the left of the search bar, enter your query, and away you go!

Reports pull research data from SEMrush's own database of domains and keywords. However, we'll look at the reports more closely in our next videos. You can always get the latest information on how large our databases are on the following page: https://www.semrush.com/stats

Project tools, in turn, allow you to gather marketing data from across the Internet. You might have heard of some of our tools - Site Audit, Position Tracking, etc. If not, don't worry - our course will leave no stone unturned!

To create a project, hit the Projects menu item, then click Add New Project. Overall, there are twelve projects across five SEMrush toolkits, and we encourage you to explore - or at least, take a quick look - at all of them. Here's a few reasons why:

  • Project tools provide you with recommendations on what to do and what to do first. Prioritizing your workflow made easy.
  • With project tools, the possibility of gathering and comparing data from different sources is no longer an issue. You can connect such tools as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to enhance your SEMrush experience and bolster your analytical capabilities. But, just having the abundance of data is not enough to get things done. You also need it to be shown to you in a clear, perceptible way, and that's where we've got you covered.

Finally, as you create projects for the websites you manage, you can share them directly with other SEMrush users, giving them access to the same data you see. This is a great way to report to your clients, and collaborate with your team members, or contractors. There are two ways of sharing a project:

  • read-only
  • or with editing access.

Read-only mode is available for business level subscribers. They can share their projects with free and paid users.

Edit mode can only be shared from one paid account (Pro, Guru, or Business) to another paid account.

To sum up, SEMrush provides you with data in two different ways - as analytics reports and as project tools. Analytics reports pull data from SEMrush's immense and ever-growing database. Project tools gather info from across the Internet and are notable for their user-friendly data presentation, making them easy to manage.

Explore the Project section and get acquainted with them.