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Agency to Agency: How to Find and Land Local SEO Clients


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Agency to Agency: How to Find and Land Local SEO Clients

According to Google Trends, the search for “local SEO services“ went up nearly five times in February 2022, compared to the same period in 2020. So, if you’re looking to leverage this hot digital trend and make your name in the industry, read on as we go through the things you need to consider to find local SEO clients.
Katarina PetrovićAug 16, 2022
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It’s the end of 2021, and yes, it’s that time of the year — when you prepare for the winter holidays, drown yourself on Amazon in search of the perfect gift, and expect a deluge of “Digital Marketing Trends for 2022” posts. Well, if you think you’re opening up another “voice search is the next search” write-up, you’re in the wrong.
Andrew WardenDec 21, 2021
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