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Jul 29, 2020

24 min

How Repurpose House Helped Its Client Triple Their Leads by Repurposing Content
How Repurpose House Helped Its Client Triple Their Leads by Repurposing ContentIn today’s episode of the Marketing Scoop, we’re talking to Shaina Weisinger, Founder and CEO of the done-for-you content strategy service Repurpose House. You’ll hear how Repurpose House client...
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How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content: SEO Best Practices To Avoid it

Duplicate content is defined as content that is an exact copy of content found elsewhere. However, the term duplicate content can also refer to almost identical content (such as just swapping a product, brand name, or location name only). In this guide, I’ll look deeper into the causes of duplicate content within a site architecture and the best ways to avoid it.
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