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What is a RFP template, and how to write a simple RFP?
What Is CRM in Marketing?
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Winning the Traffic Race
7 Tips for Marketing Effectively to Seniors

7 Tips for Marketing Effectively to Seniors

When you think of marketing to seniors, you might believe it’s all about increasing the size of fonts and displaying images of older people in your advertising. Although this is a common practice among many businesses, those elements alone are not going to capture the attention of this market.
Larry AltonMay 12, 2017
Product Manager vs. Product Marketer
Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing

Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

While several businesses and marketers erroneously use native advertising and content marketing interchangeably, these content formats have very different meanings and capabilities. Understanding the difference between these definitions is of particular importance in understanding how internet marketing is evolving while planning for the future.
Brad KeysFeb 16, 2017
Effective In-House SEO Team
Internet Users in India

Internet Users in India - A Fresh Audience for Brands and How to Reach Them

Technology has slowly but steadily taken over our lives – so much so that almost half of the households in India now have a smartphone. India is a country with a population of 1.267 billion with 375 million active monthly Internet users.The other day I was scrolling through the Facebook page of Kunal Shah, founder and CEO of FreeCharge, when I came across a few eye-opening statistics.
Jaydip ParikhFeb 25, 2016