Public relations (PR) is important for businesses to help craft their public persona. Learn more about what PR is and how it can help you business.
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What is share of voice and how can you measure and increase it? A man about to press a big button. Bar and pie charts behind him.
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How to create a perfect pitch
What Is Digital PR
Cold Email Outreach Templates


17 min read

7 Cold Email Templates To Boost Your Outreach

In this guide, we share 7 cold email templates that you can take, edit, and use to increase the success from your outreach efforts and share best-practice for using the tactic. Whether you‘re using cold emailing to build links, generate leads or ask someone for a favor, we‘re here to help make the approach more effective.
Erika VaragouliMay 28, 2020
Online Reputation Management guide


25 min read

8 Rules of Effective Online Reputation Management

This extensive guide on Online Reputation Management is for businesses of any size and any industry. It will help digital marketing professionals discover effective ways to manage their brand’s online reputation in the SERPs, on review platforms, on social media, and more.
Maria KalyadinaMay 14, 2020
Brand Authority
7 of the Best Customer Engagement Strategies To Foster Your Brand’s Growth
Brand SERPs You Really Should Be Tracking


5 min read

Brand SERPs You Really Should Be Tracking (and Improving)

Search queries in the SERPs for your brand should be tracked, evaluated, and improved. {Brand} SERPs are your new Business Card for prospects, investors, partners, clients, journalists, job candidates, readers, subscribers... but also represent Google‘s opinion of you. You really should be paying close attention. Why? Read on.
Jason BarnardJun 07, 2018