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What’s Google Advertising? A Guide to Google AdsGoogle’s advertising platform — known as Google Advertising or “Google Ads” — is used by millions of businesses across the globe. In this guide, we’ll also explore its benefits, advertising costs, and what tools can help you build your first ad campaign.
Michelle OfiweApr 17, 2021
How to Set Bids in Google Ads
Prevent Ad Keyword Cannibalization in a Few Simple Steps
Day Parting Report


4 min read

Weekly Wisdom with Joel Bondorowsky: Day Parting Report

This video is part of our Weekly Wisdom series which will feature experts on a variety of topics. This week we have Joel Bondorowsky discussing Day Parting Reports for Google Ads. Joel will show you how to create a report so that you can understand how much conversion rate variations, by hour of the day and day of the week, are hurting you so that you can make the proper adjustments.
Joel BondorowskyJan 22, 2019
PPC & Work Efficiency for Consultants


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Interview with Pamela Lund on PPC & Work Efficiency for Consultants

Pamela Lund has been a part of the online marketing industry for almost twenty years. She is well-known and respected for her knowledge and expertise in PPC, ecommerce marketing, and as a business efficiency consultant. We started off talking about PPC but then moved into how consultants can optimize their work day and be more efficient.
Melissa FachJan 08, 2019
Top PPC Skills and Platforms for 2019
6 Key Things Worth Analyzing in Your Competitors’ PPC Strategies


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6 Key Things Worth Analyzing in Your Competitors’ PPC Strategies

If you are new to the complex world of PPC, it can be easy to get lost in content chaos, trudging through countless articles on your topic and searching for practical information. But what exactly should you pay attention to when researching your competition: keywords, ads or devices? Based on our experience, we have figured out six important things advertisers should pay attention to.
Daria VoroninaNov 30, 2018
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