The Ultimate Calendar of Digital Marketing Events 2017

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The Ultimate Calendar of Digital Marketing Events 2017

This post is in English
Kate Makulova updated
This post is in English
The Ultimate Calendar of Digital Marketing Events 2017

Being a successful marketer means staying ahead of the curve. To keep pace with the hottest trends, you need to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. And nothing can help you do this better than digital marketing events, where you can get new ideas, share your own experience, meet like-minded people and establish beneficial contacts.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive calendar of digital marketing events and conferences across the globe, covering all areas from technical SEO to e-commerce, to make it easier for you to find out about events that fit your needs the most.

Please note that some of these events haven't confirmed their exact dates for 2017 yet, and new events will continue to appear all year long. Subscribe through the form below to receive updates to this calendar and to be sure you don’t miss any changes!

Did we miss any major events in the industry? Please let us know in the comments and we will add them to list!

Calendar of Digital Marketing
and Business Events
To be added.

Kate is the head of event marketing at SEMrush. She is responsible for the development and execution of corporate event marketing programs. A traveler and explorer, she loves to build new connections and accept challenges. Connect on Twitter, LinkedIn and G+.
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A cool event marketers would like coming up in Canada in September.
Creating experiences with Service Design. A two day workshop.

May I suggest adding a column to show the price of a ticket to each conference?
Melissa Fach
Jonathan Hudson
That would be hard because conferences have early bird rates that increase every 4-6 weeks as the conference gets closer.
There is also e-Commerce Day 2017 in Cologne, Germany
Kate Makulova
Thank you for sharing this event with us! Will add it to our list during the next update
You missed one, UnGagged London (http://www.ungagged.com/london/) this 14-16 June! SEMrush is sponsoring and Olga Andrienko is speaking!
Kate Makulova
Erin Moran
Hi Erin, we didn't! It's in the UK events list :) Thanks anyway!
sumit sharma
Hey Kate,
thanks for sharing such a great post with all the details, However I have also curated a blog post on the same topic
Ashley Faulkes
No events outside the USA?
Kate Makulova
Ashley Faulkes
Hi Ashley, just choose the country you are interested in in the dropdown menu in the blue 'Calendar of Digital Marketing Events' image with megaphone :)
Cheryl Camuso
Terrific event we're managing for our client–Digital Convergence Forum–in Las Vegas June 21-22. Executive, high-touch program features a powerhouse of digitally-minded executives—with sessions facilitated by practitioners, disruptors and visionaries. http://www.digitalconvergenceforum.com Could this be added to your schedule?
There's a great SEO conference in Breckenridge, CO this year on April 27 and 28. Check it out at http://searchcon.events/
Hi Kate, would I be able to get Interact17 included please? http://www.interactohio.com , June 12th and 13th in Columbus Ohio.
Alicia Rodríguez
Dustin Johnson
Hi Dustin, I apologize for deleting your comment. My mistake, sorry.
Also, the May Ad:tech show was cancelled http://sandiego.ad-tech.com/
Great list... please add the B2B Marketing Forum (MarketingProfs) in Boston Oct 4-6 this year. It's the 11th annual one. http://mpb2b.marketingprofs.com/
Hi Kate, would I be able to get PerformanceIN Live included please? https://performancein.live/ (24 & 25 October, 2017 - Old Billingsgate, London). Do let me know if you require any further detail. Many thanks in advance, Sophie Corrigan
Kate Makulova
Sophie Corrigan
Thank you for the suggestion, Sophie! Missed that one
Hi Kate,
Fantastic initiative here. The Comexposium APAC team noticed a few missing:
- iMedia Brand Summit New Zealand: imediasummit.nz
- iMedia Brand Summit Southeast Asia: imediasummit.asia
- iMedia Brand Summit Australia: brandsummit.com.au
- iMedia Online Retail Summit Australia: onlineretailsummit.com.au
- E-Commerce 1 to 1 New Zealand: ecommerce1to1.nz
- E-Commerce 1 to 1 Southeast Asia: ecommerce1to1.asia
- ad:tech Sydney: sydney.ad-tech.com
- ad:tech Auckland: auckland.ad-tech.com (site coming soon). Event is 16 November 2017
- MMS Auckland: modernmarketingsummit.nz
- MMS Sydney: site coming soon. Event is 12th October 2017
- MMS Singapore: site coming soon. Event is 17th October 2017
Let me know if you need any further details.
Kate Makulova
Wayne Krowitz
Oh, thank you so much Wayne! Will check this list out
Hello! The National Summit on Small Business Digital Marketing from the Association for Small Business Digital Marketing March 27-29th in San Diego, CA - Event website: http://www.mysbdm.org/summit
Kate Makulova
Cara Thompson
Will check it out! Thank you, Cara!
Hi there, the list looks great but you're missing Savage Marketing 2017 happening in Amsterdam on June 13th and 14th.
Kate Makulova
Jason Clowes
Thank you Jason! We will be happy to add Savage Marketing to our list! Have you already participated in this event?
The dates for UnGagged in Las Vegas this year are November 12-15.
Kate Makulova
Erin Moran
Sorry, Erin, didn't get a notification of your comment! Will update the dates. Thank you!
Anton Shulke
Can additional events be suggested?
Kate Makulova
Anton Shulke
Hi Anton! If you know other digital marketing events, we will be happy to add them to this calendar. Please send me a note or add them as a comment to this post.
This is really a finest calendar made to check all the events and the countries where they going to be organized. One can easily choose according to his schedule as where to go and when to go.
Nice work!
Kate Makulova
Calin Colas
Thank you so much Calin! What's on your agenda for 2017?
Pubcon dates, SFIMA Feb 21-22 and Las Vegas November 6 – 9, 2017
Kate Makulova
Melissa Fach
Hi Melissa! We will update the Pubcon dates asap. Thank you for co-operation :)
This is golden! I do suggest creating a pin image and pinning this on Pinterest. It'll go crazy viral.
Kate Makulova
Sofie Couwenbergh
Great advice! Thank you so much Sofie!
Do you have a UK calendar?
Kate Makulova
Helen Luu
Hi Helen! You can choose any country you're interested in in the filter above
junaid shahid
amazing calendar of marketing events i really appreciate semrush team..
Baljeet Singh
Great calendar of digital marketing events!
Frank Davis
So far I have been going to several Meet ups to get information on SEO to rank my website higher. Great calendar, I believe this is what I was looking for and it should help me a lot
Napa Summit Mar 30/31st, 2017 in Napa, CA focused on Enterprise SEO
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