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Organic Research

Find out which keywords perform best for your rivals and uncover new means of getting your web page on SERP

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Organic Research Tool Reports

Organic Research is an all-encompassing tool, enabling you to carry out a deep analysis and find the most relevant keywords for your niche. In one place, you can analyze website rankings in Google’s top 100, explore your organic competitors, check which keywords drive the most traffic, and find new prospects to get your webpage to an SERP.

Overview Report

Get a quick and complete picture of a domain’s keyword usage and traffic across desktop and mobile devices. Here you can see a brief outline of keyword trends, estimated traffic, top position changes, SERP features on which a domain appears, top pages, top subdomains, main organic competitors and competitive position map. All this information is based on the domain’s keywords that bring it to  Google’s top 100.

Positions Report

See the most usable keywords for a particular domain, and its search rankings for these keywords in Google’s top 100 results. Each keyword in this report has a corresponding landing page which is ranked for, and a set of other useful metrics, so you can easily start analyzing your competitor SEO strategy.

Position Changes Report

Check how a domain’s rankings are changing. With an intuitive bar graph, you’ll get information on gained, lost, improved, and declined keywords with rankings, which gives you a full picture of a domain’s keyword profile and pinpoints their weaknesses.

Competitors Report

Discover and explore a domain’s key organic competitors. This report provides you with a list of other domains competing for the same keywords as the domain you’re exploring. Here you can see the number of  keywords, estimated traffic, traffic cost, and a competitive positioning map showing you the competing domains’ presence.

Pages Report

Analyze all the pages a domain has in Google’s top 100 and explore the keywords they rank for. This report contains all of a domain’s URLs with their traffic, the number of keywords these URLs rank for, advertising keywords, and other useful information to help you conduct a competitive analysis.

Subdomains Report

Carry out in-depth competitor research and learn what subdomains or subfolders a domain has and their positions in Google’s top 100. You can find out a domain’s strongest subdomains with the highest traffic percentage and the keywords they rank for.

Learn From Your Rivals

Organic Research provides you with precise data enabling you to discover your organic competitors, see what keywords they use and track their ranking dynamics.

See competitors’ best keywords

With the Organic Research tool, you can gain insights into your competitors’ organic content strategies and get a quick understanding of competitors’ keyword rankings, both in desktop and mobile search.

Discover new organic competitors

The tool helps you understand your direct competitors better. Based on organic traffic and keywords, it shows you the domains your website is competing against in the Google top 20, so you can see where you’re winning and fill in the blanks, if any.

Observe domain position changes

By tracking competitors’ position changes and comparing them with your own, you’ll see where your organic search tactics are winning and if there is room for improvement. Keyword rankings reflect consumers’ changes in behavior and help you compare keyword trends to be proactive and react instantly to any change. Stay up to date on competitors’ domain position changes in organic search results, as well as your own.
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