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Top 30 Advertisers and Publishers


The Top 30 publishers and advertisers report allows you to view an in-depth analysis of the 30 most frequently advertising and publishing websites in our database.

Top 30 Advertisers and Publishers image 1
When viewing this report you are able to see the number of ads (1), the percentage of ads that are either Image, HTML or Text (2) and number of Advertisers/Publishers relating to the domain (3).


Clicking on any of the links in the table beside a domain will redirect you to that specific site’s Advertiser or Publisher report.

Using this data, you can check out the top publishers of display ads to identify any popular niche sites that you’d want to advertise on or consider the top advertisers as potential affiliate network partners.

All of the websites in this report are clearly interested in making money online, so they could be seen as potential business partners if you offer an opportunity to collaborate with them.

You can filter this report by device type to check out who’s advertising and publishing the most on desktop browsers, tablets and mobile devices for Apple and Android.

As you change the device type, you’ll see the totals (Total Advertisers, Total Publishers, Total Ads, and Last Update) at the top of this report change accordingly. These totals reflect all of the data that Semrush has in our display advertising database for each type of device.