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Advertisers Report


The Advertisers Report in Display Advertising shows you analytical data on all domains that have ever placed ads on an analyzed site. You can use it to see what data Semrush has on the domain that placed ads on your site, or the domains that placed ads on a competitor’s site.

Advertisers Report image 1There are two main uses for this report.

Firstly, you can use it as a domain owner to easily view a list of advertisers seen on the queried website. Use filters to narrow down your request and see the advertisers list for a specific country, device or time period.

Please note: time frame filters in Display Advertising are only available with a Business level subscription.

You can also export a list of advertisers to analyze and check it for undesirable ones, who might spoil the reputation of your platform.

Another use for this report is as competitive analysis. The Advertisers report allows you to check if an audience appearing on a specific ad platform fits in the area of this platform, how well you will fit in there with your own ads, how many ads there are in general and so on.

The export feature is also available in this report. You can download up to 5,000 ads.