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Display Advertising Publishers Report


The Display Advertising Publishers report shows the list of domains on which we saw the ads of a queried advertiser over a given period of time.   

There are two cases in which this report is used. You can use it to analyze your site as an Advertiser  in order to check your ad campaigns and optimize them. Or you can use it as a competitive intelligence tool to analyze your competitor’s ad campaigns, see the platforms where they place their ads, and so on.   

Display Advertising Publishers Report image 1

At the top of the report you will see the Summary chart with the total number of Publishers, the number of ads we saw on an analyzed Publisher, and the Times Seen, First Seen and Last Seen metrics.

The Trends chart will show you a breakdown by ad type for a Publisher. 

The main value of the Publishers report is that you can check the ad platforms for relevancy (using the Publisher, Title & Description column) and see if there’s traffic (using the Monthly visits column). After doing so, just export the platforms to an Excel file, sort them, and make a list of potentially valuable ones.

The Monthly Visits metric gives you the total number of visits to a given publisher’s site within a month. This estimated data comes from our Traffic Analytics and it’s as close as possible to the actual number of visits.

You can also use the handy filters to narrow down the search among Publishers by keyword.

Display Advertising Publishers Report image 2