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Traffic Analytics Destination Sites Report Manual

In the Destination Sites report you can see all external websites that people go after visiting the website of your interest.

So, if you are analyzing Nike.com in the Traffic Analytics tool, you would see the top 3 sites that people visit directly from Nike.com are Paypal.com, Okta.com and Sheerid.com.

Traffic Analytics Destination Sites Report image 1Traffic Share in this context represents the % of all traffic of the analyzed website that leaves it through hyperlinks to the destination site.

In the case of Nike.com, this shows us Nike’s other online properties that they are associated with. This is another way to look for trusted websites in your niche & potential partnerships that you can try to replicate to improve your own online visibility.

If you want to hone in on a specific time, place, or device, use the filters for historical data, location, and device at the top of the report.

To save your research, export this report to CSV.