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Connecting Site Audit with Google Analytics

Connecting Site Audit with Google Analytics


Connecting Google Analytics to a Site Audit adds pageviews to the results of your audit and adds two additional checks:

  1. Pages that take longer than one second to become interactive
  2. Orphaned pages

Adding unique pageviews of each page in your Site Audit makes it easier to prioritize the pages that should be addressed first, as you can sort by pageviews and identify the most popular pages on your site that have issues.

Additionally, you will add two checks - orphaned pages (or pages on your website with no internal links pointing to them) and pages that take more than one second to become interactive. These both present opportunities for improvement, as you should add links to the orphaned pages and optimize the code of the pages that take too long to load to improve the user experience of your website.

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How to connect Google Analytics with Site Audit

First, go to your Site Audit and navigate to your settings. Find the item in the menu that says "Google Analytics" and choose the account and property for the domain you're auditing.

Please note: When you are connecting GA to Semrush, you need to make sure that the URL of the Google Analytics Property you choose is exactly the same as the domain of your Semrush Project. 


Then you will be prompted to select the account, profile, property and view for the Google Analytics account associated with the site you’re auditing. If you’ve already connected Google Analytics to Semrush in another tool, you can find your account in the initial dropdown.

If this is the first time you are attempting to connect Google Analytics to Semrush, then you will be asked to log in to that account before you can connect to Semrush.


Keep in mind you may need to wait around 15 minutes for your GA data to appear under your crawled pages. After this initial crawl, your GA data will automatically be updated any time you re-run your Site Audit.

To analyze sort by unique pageviews, simply check your Crawled Pages report.