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Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads


Choosing relevant placements for your ads manually usually means collecting and analyzing lots of data from multiple sources. At this stage, it’s rather difficult to strike a balance between too granular an approach and being overinclusive. The Display Advertising tool can help you find the websites that bring a high-quality audience and conversions.

Step 1: Review Your Existing Placements

Use your success metric (brand awareness, ad engagement or direct response) to choose the top 10 placements and use Display Advertising (publisher mode) to analyze them. 

Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads image 1Display Advertising Publisher's Categories

Carefully consider their categories and audience interests to find unexpected similarities that can be used to expand your publishers list. For example, the Display Advertising Stats 2019 study shows that e-commerce website visitors are likely to also be interested in the topics of beauty and fitness, business and industrial, and hobbies and leisure.

Step 2: Explore Competitors’ Publishers

Choose several strong rivals and export their publishers lists using the Display Advertising tool, prioritize and test them as described in How to Enhance Targeting and Optimize Your Paid Funnel workflow

You can also use additional prioritization criteria such as traffic, user behavior, and audience characteristics. Information about the first two can be found in the Traffic Analytics reports (User Behavior, Traffic Geo Distribution, Traffic Sources). 

Traffic Analytics Overview:

Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads image 3
Traffic Analytics Geographic Distribution:

Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads image 4

Traffic Sources report:

Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads image 5

Traffic Analytics can also help you prioritize placements based on audience overlap.

Find the Best GDN Placements for Your Ads image 6

For example, if you are interested in optimizing your spend, you can find 2 placements with maximum overlap and then pick the one that would offer more favorable pricing. Or you can test your targeting on two placements with minimum overlap to see which audience would respond better. 

You can also explore the publisher’s audience (its gender, age, and interests) using the Display Advertising Overview report. This data will also help you find new targeting combinations for your experiments. Here are some other points for consideration:

  • The diversity of the publisher’s audience
  • The relevance or the correlation of the publisher’s categories with the goods/services you advertise
  • The countries and devices the publisher is getting traffic from
  • The number of ads and/or the times each ad was seen on the website

Test and Exclude

Pick several publishers that look the most promising and set up a test advertising campaign to confirm their capabilities. Analyze the results of the test campaigns and adjust your exclusion list accordingly.