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Monitoring Your Mentions on Instagram


The Instagram filter in your Brand Monitoring Mentions feed offers an easy way to follow your brand's mentions on Instagram. This will help you get a sense of your online reputation.

Monitoring Your Mentions on Instagram image 1

Apply filters to search a list of specific mentions

Using filters in the Mentions tab, you can do the search by type, keyword, hashtag, or user name. 

If only Instagram posts are meaningful to you (not comments), or you want to start with them, you can use the filter “Type” to have mentions in posts only. You also can choose “comments” to see comments only. 

If you want to find mentions of your brand in the context of a particular product or area of activity, search through your Instagram mentions by a specific word. The search function can also be utilized by specific hashtags as well as by usernames. 

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Use tags to keep important mentions and find them quickly

Once you filtered and found the posts interesting for you, use tagging feature. This option will help you to find the specific posts in the future. 

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Next Steps

Check out the Statistics tab with the “Instagram” filter applied to see users mentioning your brand name sorted in order of the number of mentions.

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