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Site Audit: Structured Data

SEMrush: Site Audit: Structured Data изображение 1

We're proud to announce that our multifunctional Site Audit has just become even more powerful, and its latest feature is truly unique in the market! The updated Markups report clearly reflects markup usage and highlights different mistakes around implementing the structured data on your site. Read more...

Black Friday Deal: 50% Off Content Marketing Platform and Two Bonus Articles

Black Friday deals are already on their way! Ready for the hottest offer to make your marketing go stratospheric? Upgrade to Guru through November 30 and get 50% off the Content Marketing Platform and free articles from our writing service. Read more...

Black Friday 2020 banner

Data in SEMrush Traffic Analytics: New Level of Accuracy

Accuracy of the data we provide has always been our top priority. For months, we’ve been improving SEMrush Traffic Analytics to make the tool’s stats even more precise. Now, we’re ready to present the revamped data to our users. Read more...

SEMrush: Data in SEMrush Traffic Analytics: New Level of Accuracy изображение 1

Agency Growth Kit: a new toolset to boost your agency results

Thousands of marketing and SEO agencies already use SEMrush to deliver outstanding results to their clients. And we’re always doing our best to help them along the way.

We’re happy to present the Agency Growth Kit - the first SEMrush agency-tailored add-on helping our users find, win and retain more clients! Read more...

Agency Growth Kit

Content Marketplace: Ebook Writing Service

At Content Marketplace, our mission has always been to help you drive and convert more traffic through expertly written content. Meet the eBook Writing Service — our latest service, set to help you expand your lead-generation content and build a successful inbound content marketing strategy. Read more...

SEMrush: Content Marketplace: Ebook Writing Service изображение 1

Track up to 5,000 Devices & Locations With a Business Subscription

Position Tracking is one of our most popular tools, so we love to share news about it when we make it stronger! Read more...

SEMrush: Track up to 5,000 Devices & Locations With a Business Subscription изображение 1

SEMrush Launches New Features In The Listing Management Tool

Local SEO is always going to be a competitive space. We’ve been working on a major update to our Listing Management tool - our ultimate local SEO solution - and we are so happy to finally announce it is ready! Read more...

SEMrush: SEMrush Launches New Features In The Listing Management Tool изображение 1

SEMrush and Yoast Announce Integration Partnership

SEMrush, a leading online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform, and Yoast, creator of a market-leading WordPress plugin for search engine optimization, today announce the start of an integration partnership. Read more...SEMrush: SEMrush and Yoast Announce Integration Partnership изображение 1

New Tool: Organize Customer Workflow with Client Manager

Managing customers and keeping all the necessary data relevant and fresh is always a challenge. Spreadsheets get lost, reports contradict each other, client names differ across various tools, etc. Keeping in mind all the pain points of working with clients, we designed Client Manager - a tool for tracking and managing your current or potential customers. Read more...Client Manager tool banner

Social Media Ads: Performance Report

Despite the existence of various marketing strategies nowadays, social media advertising is still one of the quickest and most effective ways to get you consistent sales and connect with your target audience. To help you create and optimize your social ads, we’ve created the Social Media Ads tool, and today it got a smart new feature. Read more...

Social Media Ads:Performance Report