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Gear Up Your Sales with Sellerly – A New Toolbox for Amazon

We’re proud to announce the full release of the Sellerly toolkit powered by SEMrush! With 12 years of experience in providing solutions for marketeers, and being trusted by over 6,000,000 users, we are now taking the first steps in a new area. Read more...

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SEMrush Acquires Fast-growing SaaS PR Tech Company Prowly

SEMrush, a leading online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform, has further expanded its ecosystem with the acquisition of a 100% stake in fast-growing public relations SaaS startup Prowly.com. Prowly’s previous investors include IQ Partners, Internet Ventures (an MCI Capital subsidiary), and online marketing agency Bluerank. Read more...Prowly & SEMrush news banner

Unlock the Content Marketing Platform and Try Our Writing Service for Free

This week we’re running a special offer for our PRO users who want to fine-tune their content marketing. By upgrading to GURU, you can get access to the Content Marketing Platform, receive a free writing service from our Marketplace, and save 100$! Read more...Content bundle offer news banner

SEMrush Pauses the Traffic Jet Tool

Starting September 2nd, we’ll be putting the Traffic Jet tool on hold until early 2021. Traffic Jet was designed to fully automate traffic acquisition and get instant access to hundreds of premium advertising platforms. We surveyed our customers to see what they appreciated most in the tool, and which features they would like to see in the refined Traffic Jet. Read more... 

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ImpactHero: Meet A New Content Analytics Tool

Since 2016, we at SEMrush have been developing tools for content marketers and analyzing their challenges. With multiple surveys, user interviews and in-depth persona research, our team learnt that proving the effectiveness of their content strategies is one of the most complex tasks content marketers have. Read more...ImpactHero news banner

Sellerly has launched a new tool for Amazon sellers

To protect you from losing control over your listings, we have complemented our Sellerly toolkit with the Listing Protection tool. It’s a smart alert system that will help any business using Amazon as a distribution channel instantly respond to any negative changes in their listings. Read more...

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An Extended Keyword Database for Israel Is Available – Only via Our Premium Partner Adactive

We're excited to announce we’re beefing up our Israel database: it now contains 6 million keywords instead of 800K! Looks like your own digital marketing lab has just got new high-powered equipment! Are you ready to get the full picture of your competitive landscape in Hebrew? Read more...Israel Database banner

Marketplace: Email Newsletter Writing Service

Attractive and efficient email copy can help you to connect with your audience, build an engaging relationship, and convert them into customers. Need some help to get your message across? It’s time to try out the Email Newsletter Writing Service in the Content Marketplace! Read more...Newsletter Service banner

Traffic Analytics: Exploring the Subdomain Level

Do you know how many subdomain levels a URL can have? The answer is 127… in theory. In practice, it’s hard to imagine why a company would need so many, as subdomains are mostly used for regional or mobile website versions or extensively structured volumes of product information.  Read more...

Traffic Analytics: Exploring the Subdomain Level

Marketplace: Website Content Writing Service

It hasn't been long since the last update in the Content Marketplace, and now we’re back with a new one! Meet the Website Copy Writing service — our latest feature, set to provide you with unique optimized texts that reach your website goals in conversion and traffic. Read more...

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