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Audience Overlap Report - Your Actionable Marketing Booster

Any business development initiative or marketing campaign starts with audience analysis. So analyzing the crossover between the websites of companies of interest will help you estimate the market saturation and toughness of competition, identify the key players and influencers in your niche of interest and find opportunities for growth. Read more...

Audience overlap

Google My Business Data in My Reports

To help you ensure that the data reported is accurate, we at SEMrush are constantly improving our report builder by adding as many reliable data sources that may be beneficial for your business as possible. Read more... Google My Business Data in My Reports banner

Pinterest Analytics and Scheduling Now Available

Now that we’ve added Pinterest analytics to our Social Media Tracker, you can not only auto-schedule pins to your Pinterest accounts, but also track your pins’ performance and compare it to your competition! Read more...

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Log File Analyzer – Open Beta

What do ‘sea’ and ‘SEO’ have in common aside from their similar spelling? You’re going to need reliable equipment to dive deep into both. The solution for the first was invented a long time ago, and now it’s time to deal with the second. Read more...

SEMrush: Log File Analyzer – Open Beta изображение 1

Brand Monitoring: Revamped Overview tab

The Brand Monitoring tool will soon be released out of beta, so everything will be up to speed. Here’s the long-awaited update you’ve been asking us for: meet the revamped Overview report. Read more...

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Content Ideas Generator: Get Your Perfect Headline

Looking for an eye-catching headline for your article but lacking inspiration? It can happen to anyone. Good ideas don’t always come into your head when you need them. Or should we say ‘fall on your head’? Read more...

content ideas generator pic

Photo Editor in the Social Media Poster

The Social Media Poster continues to gain momentum: a photo editor is now available right in the posting wizard! Read more...

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Traffic Analytics Pitch Mode: Your Secret to Making the Right Impression

We know that a number of SEMrush subscribers use Traffic Analytics data when presenting to their prospective customers, potential investors, and seniors. So we decided to introduce a feature that would help them put themselves right with the audience. Read more...

SEMrush: Traffic Analytics Pitch Mode: Your Secret to Making the Right Impression изображение 1

SEMrush Revamped Stats Page

Living in the information world we refer to statistics on many occasions. We use facts and figures to back up our business decisions or to confirm the credibility of a prospective partner. That’s why we at SEMrush care so much about the relevancy of our stats. Read more...

SEMrush: SEMrush Revamped Stats Page изображение 1

Brand Monitoring: New Statistics Tab

Good news! The Statistics tab in our extremely helpful Brand Monitoring tool has been fully redesigned. We've taken into account all your ideas and suggestions – thank you! Now let’s see what’s new. Read more...

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