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Semrush Launches Completely New Backlink Analytics Database

As of today, the new backlinks database is available across all of Semrush. After roughly 18 months of dedicated work we put into this project, the new database is finally ready and now faster than we’ve ever been before. Read more...

Semrush Launches Completely New Backlink Analytics Database

Backlink Tools: New Rel Attributes are On

Google has released new rel-tags which may affect your SEO. As “Nofollow Evolution”, the new Sponsored and UGC (User-Generated Content) tags are designed to identify the origin of links. Read more... SEMrush: Backlink Tools: New Rel Attributes are On изображение 1

Backlinks: Authority Score

We will never cease to remind you how important and valuable a reliable backlink profile is for a site owner. Knowing this, you might be wondering how you can save time when trying to estimate a domain’s usefulness as a potential source of backlinks. No more long research! Let us do all the calculations. Read more...

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Backlinks: Export Any Report’s Data into a PDF

You wanted it – now we’ve done it. We’ve taken reporting in Backlink Analytics to a new level! It is now possible to export any report into a PDF file. Read more...

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Backlinks: PDF Report for Backlink Comparison

We're pretty sure that you’ve already benefited from our extremely helpful Backlink Comparison feature in the Backlinks Overview report. It’s time to make the report even more convenient. You can now export this data into a PDF report. Read more...

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Backlinks: New Opportunities in Competitors Analysis

It's always beneficial to learn more about your rivals in order to stay ahead of them. Knowing this, we’re all set to present another useful brick for your link-building activities. Meet the new Competitors report which we've recently embedded in our Backlinks service. Read more...

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Обратные ссылки: быстрое массовое сравнение

Много — не мало! Это, в том числе, верно и в отношении обратных ссылок на ваш сайт и анализа потенциально выгодных и прибыльных источников. Представляем последнее обновление инструмента Анализ обратных ссылок. Подробнее...

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Backlinks: Quick and Easy Disavow

A new, extremely convenient feature has recently been embedded in our Backlink Analytics. Now you have two brand new ways of working with questionable backlinks, so you can stay out of trouble. Read more...

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Backlinks: Notes

Our Backlink Analytics is becoming more useful and convenient to work with. And we can tell from your feedback. How about more functionality and convenience? No sooner said than done! Read more...

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Обратные ссылки: обзорный отчет в формате PDF

SEMrush: Обратные ссылки: обзорный отчет в формате PDF изображение 1

Представляем очередное обновление обзорного отчета сервиса «Обратные ссылки». Мы получили от вас множество отзывов с просьбой добавить возможность экспорта отчета в формат PDF — и мы вас услышали! Подробнее...