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Listing Management

SEMrush Launches New Features In The Listing Management Tool

Local SEO is always going to be a competitive space. We’ve been working on a major update to our Listing Management tool - our ultimate local SEO solution - and we are so happy to finally announce it is ready! Read more...

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Listing Management: An Overview Report for Multiple Locations

You definitely care about your customers and want their experience with you to be successful and memorable. Well, these days, that experience doesn’t start when people step into your store, it starts with their first search for your store. Read more...

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Listing Management: Available in Germany and France

We’ve received an incredible amount of positive feedback from users from the USA, Australia and the UK about the Listing Management tool, and as many requests for its appearance in other countries. And there’s great news for everyone working for German and French businesses! Listing Management is now available in these two great countries. Read more... 

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Listing Management is Available for the UK!

Listing Management bannerThe last ever printed Yellow Pages in the UK was circulated in January this year, and, obviously, the age of the printed phone directory is over. Local SEO has gone ‘global’, as more and more people are turning to the Web to find information about local businesses. Read more...

Listing Management: Now Available in Australia

G’day, Australia! We’re about to bring you the power of SEMrush’s outstanding Listing Management tool, so you better be ready to use it! You know that all customers are looking for the best products and services around them, and they want results as quickly as possible. Are you sure your business will show up exactly when local customers are looking? Read more...


Control the Facts About Your Brand With SEMrush + Yext

If you have ever stepped into the waters of local SEO, you will know that it is much deeper than it appears. It is critical to unify and manage business data across the whole internet, and it is no piece of cake. Read more...

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