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Projects: New Management Opportunities

Do you believe you can chase two hares and catch both? Then what about five, fifty, or even two hundred? Remembering the details of all your SEMrush projects is not easy, especially if at the beginning of your journey to online visibility you called your first projects something like “Competitor 1”, “Competitor 2”, and “Competitor 3”. Read more...

SEMrush Projects

SEMrush Projects: the Pre-release of our Sharing Feature

Now, if you’d like your boss, a colleague or your client to take a look at the results of your online campaign in its entirety, instead of creating several reports for each project, you can now simply share your campaign by typing in recipients’ email addresses. Read more...

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Projects: Meet the New Interface

Nothing can outclass SEMrush projects. Oh wait, there’s actually one thing that can —  our new SEMrush projects! Feast your eyes on the updated version of Projects. Let’s see what’s different about our improved interface. Read more...

new interface