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Site Audit tool

Optimize Your Internal Linking with Site Audit

Internal linking is crucial in site design if you want your website to be indexed by search engines; Google said this some time ago and it still holds true. Your link architecture allows crawlers to find your webpages and helps users to navigate your site. Read more...

Internal Linking report

Optimize Your Website Speed with Site Audit

According to the latest Google data, as webpage load time goes from one to ten seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Read more...Site Audit Performance Report news banner

Site Audit: Webpage Resources Checks

Today we’re excited to let you know that we’ve implemented webpage resources checks into the Site Audit tool to alert you about poor status of your resources like JavaScript, CSS and images, and to advise you how to fix the issues. Read more...

Site Audit Webpage resources checks banner

Site Audit: Canonical Tag Checks

Giving search engines the right instructions will improve link and ranking signals for your content available through multiple URLs or via syndication, Google says. Today we’re excited to facilitate the checking part of this routine for you – the Site Audit tool now allows you to check if you’ve implemented canonical tags correctly on your website in a flash. Read more...Site Audit Canonical Tag Checker banner

Аудит страниц AMP с инструментом Аудит сайта

Учитывая, что страницы AMP получают первые позиции в поисковой выдачи на мобильных устройствах, для SEO-специалистов важнейшей задачей становится правильная реализация этой технологии. Если на вашем сайте уже используется технология AMP, не забывайте время от времени проводить проверку правильности настройки таких страниц, чтобы сохранить их видимость в результатах поиска на мобильных устройствах. Подробнее...

Проверки AMP в инструменте Аудит сайта

Find Orphan Pages on Your Website with Site Audit

More exciting news on our technical site audit improvement — the Site Audit tool now detects orphan pages on your website and tells you how to fix this issue! Read more...Orphan pages checks banner

Crawl AJAX Pages and All Links of Your Sitemap with Site Audit

We are proud to announce that we’ve implemented two new crawling features in the Site Audit tool: AJAX crawling and Sitemap links crawling. You can now crawl your entire website without missing a piece of dynamically generated content or a URL, and immediately take action on technical issues. Read more... Site Audit AJAX crawling and Sitemap links crawling banner

Fix Your Top Pages with Site Audit and GA Data

We are excited to announce that we’ve integrated the Site Audit tool with Google Analytics! What’s it for? In a single sentence, once you connect your GA account, you’ll be able to quickly see which top-viewed pages on your website have technical issues and find out how to fix them. Read more...Site Audit Google Analytics integration banner

Site Audit: Redirect Chains and Loops Check

We are excited to update the Site Audit tool with a new handy check — we will now warn you if we find a redirect chain or loop on your website and advise you on how to fix it. Read more...

Site Audit Redirect Chain and Loop Check banner

Аудит сайта: отчет «Реализация HTTPS»

У нас отличная новость! Мы добавили последние штрихи к отчету по реализации HTTPS «HTTPS Implementation» в инструменте «Аудит сайта». Теперь вы можете получить полное представление об уровне безопасности своего сайта в случае перехода на протокол HTTPS либо убедиться в отсутствии ошибок в работе этого протокола, если он уже реализован. Подробнее...

Site Audit Complete HTTPS Implementation report banner