Get a Fresh Perspective on Your Market with Business Categories

April 25, 2022image


At Semrush, we understand the value of looking at market data from various angles. So, we're excited to share our newest Market Explorer feature: Business Categories. This new data-gathering option offers the widest views of any industry to help you develop big-picture insights. 

View the Big Picture with Business Categories 

With Market Explorer’s new ‘Analyze Category’ function, you can select one of 110 business categories, like retail, healthcare, or finance, and access broadscale data for the selected industry.


This feature allows you to: 

  • Analyze broadscale data in the selected category 
  • View metrics in almost every widget across the Market Explorer tool 
  • Switch easily between industries for cross-industry analysis 

With business categories, you can get big picture metrics like market size and competition levels, and identify top players while analyzing their market share: 


Or identify industry leaders by traffic type and study broad market traffic trends by channel: 


In the coming months, we’ll continue rolling out new functions in the Market Explorer tool to help you work with Business Categories data. Zoom out and look at the big picture–you may be surprised by what you find!

P.S. For a peek at any industry’s trending websites,and overall growth trend, try Open .Trends for free.

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