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Philip Kushmaro

founder AT PKDMAPhilip Kushmaro - Digital Marketing Ambassador (former digital marketing agency VP Operation + Bizdev + Head of SEO) is a junkie of many things. Startups and how the world works are what interests him the most, especially the psychology behind everything. He believes that everyone that wants to succeed in business must be efficient in Digital Marketing. No excuses! When not at work then probably at a grappling gym training. Oh and he can read Google's Mind. He can hear it laughing at him right now. ;)
8 Key Tips for Improving Your Site’s User Experience

8 Key Tips for Improving Your Site’s User Experience

From improving your content formats to increasing your site‘s visual appeal, there are lots of factors that can help you better the user experience of your website or blog. If you don’t put effort into maximizing your site’s UX, the time and effort you spend on research and writing will only go to waste.
Tips for SEO and Content Team Collaboration