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Keyword Gap Tool

Spot your competitors’ strong and weak points. Get insights and prospects for your audience.

Compare Domains

Keyword Gap Features

Keyword Gap is a powerful tool for finding and comparing the keyword profiles of up to five domains. It enables you to carry out in-depth competitive keyword analysis and build a strong SEO strategy.

Quick Filters

Through special metrics and quick filters, you can effortlessly explore the keyword profiles side by side. Find the keywords you miss, weak and strong keywords used in your website, and spot unique and common keywords for you and your competitors.

Top Opportunities

Discover your top opportunities with Keyword Gap’s special widget. You can easily pinpoint your competitors' optimal growth points and start building your keyword portfolio. The widget shows your top 5 weak and missing keywords, as well as their volume, so you can quickly assess the size of each opportunity.

Positions Filters

Spot your weaknesses and improve your keyword profile easily. Uncover the keywords you miss or have low rankings for in Google’s top 50/20/10. Filter out your domain’s or competitors’ rankings to narrow or broaden the results.

Compare Any Domain’s Keywords Side-by-Side

Just enter up to 5 any domains, including yours, choose an organic or paid keyword profile type, and get vyour growth points.

Explore Keywords of any URL, Subdomain or Subfolder

With Keyword Gap, you can easily check any domain for keyword rankings. You can separately compare every piece of content to one of your competitors, be it a blog post or landing page. Explore and compare subdomains and subfolders to find new keywords you haven’t used in your strategy yet.

Compare domains side by side

The Semrush Keyword Gap tool enables you to compare keyword rankings and get quick insights for any website’s keyword distribution across desktop and mobile devices. Just enter up to 5 domains and see what keywords they rank for, and how these keywords correlate and intersect with one another. With this hands-on information, you can get a clear picture of your competitors’ visibility and develop a strategy to keep ahead.

See Domains’ Common and Unique Keywords

The tool has a range of features for smooth keyword gap analysis, filtering and exporting your data. You can explore organic, PLA, and paid keywords, sort out common keywords from unique keywords, and sort them by Position, Volume, CPC, and other metrics.

Visualize Data

Semrush’s Keyword Gap provides you with comprehensive graphs you can screenshot or export to XLS or CSV. The data is based on the filters applied and displayed as a table format, as well as colored circles representing your competitors. The overlaps on the graph help you easily pinpoint common and unique keywords you need.

Uncover the keywords your competitors use

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