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Itamar Blauer

seo consultant Itamar Blauer is an SEO and video marketing consultant based in London. He has a proven track-record of increasing rankings with SEO that is UX focused, data-backed and creative.
Video Content Sharing for Maximum Engagement

Weekly Wisdom with Itamar Blauer: Video Content Sharing for Maximum Engagement

So, you have recorded and edited a video. That is great, but then what? What do you do next? And that is something that is really, really common when people have already got the videos, but they just don‘t know how to spread it, how to get people to watch it, how to get it out there to the right audience, and that is very important.
Nov 26, 2019
YouTube Keyword Research

Weekly Wisdom with Itamar Blauer: YouTube Keyword Research

In this video, learn how to effectively conduct keyword research on YouTube. In this session, our guest will go through some misconceptions about keyword research on YouTube specifically, and also review some tools and tricks for you to do keyword research yourself very, very effectively, and efficiently.
Sep 17, 2019
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