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Content creation requires research and development before you put words on the page. Get content creations tips and more by reading our blog posts.
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Passive Voice: SEO Sin or Acceptable Writing Style?
Passive Voice: SEO Sin or Acceptable Writing Style?Is there a connection between using passive and active voice and SEO? When is it OK to use the passive voice, and when it‘s better to convert it to the active voice? Let‘s dive into our article and discover what marketers and SEO experts say about using passive voice and its impact on search engine results. You will also learn how to write SEO-friendly content.
Jakub ZielinskiMar 04, 2022
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Content Creation Tools

Content Creation

13 min read

41 Best Content Creation Tools and Resources: Free and Paid

Using the right tools can make content creation so much easier and more successful, and to help you to discover new ones to try out, we‘ve rounded up some of our favorites, covering everything from research and ideation through to those that can help you to create better visual or video content as well as a number of awesome resources to check out.
Connor LaheySep 21, 2020
Content Creation
Guest Blogging guide for SEO

Content Creation

15 min read

A Guest Blogging Guide for SEO

Due to Google‘s ever-increasing requirements for quality content, guest blogging has to be done better to rank, to get traffic, and to help with personal branding for the author. This guide will break down what you need to know about Google to do well and provide many tips to help you create a guest post that will do well with search engines and audiences.
Melissa FachSep 01, 2020